30 March 2009

Bubble or Straight

Isn't it wonderful how many variations of skirts have been developed throughout the years? From hobble skirts, to rah-rah, pencil to mini's, the styles are just endless. And the product of each improved creation?... Well worth the wait.

First up is a lengthier version of the infamous puffball, a.k.a. bubble, skirt. It can be worn high waist or low waist, knee length or mid-thigh, because of its handy elastic insert. On top of that, black and white stripes are just so classic, there will always be an occasion for wearing it.

110300 metallic vest RM41

Gold, Silver, Black SOLD OUT

NOW - RM20.50

110356 stripe skirt RM114 (one colour only - Free Size) SOLD OUT

The FIQ skirt, shown below, is a nana g. in-house design interpretation of the pencil skirt. It's high waisted to add that bit of pizzazz to your look and there's a clever strip of satin detail that runs down the left side of the skirt, which ultimately reveals the unexpected slit.

110300 metallic vest RM41

Gold - Free size

Silver - Free size

Black - Free size

NOW - RM20.50

110125 bird necklace RM 71

Silver SOLD


NOW - RM49.70

110248 Sequin scarf RM39.90 (black, light yellow, light pink) SOLD OUT

100259 FIQ high waist skirt RM115

Black - S SOLD, M SOLD, L, XL

White - S, M, L, XL

Cream - S, M, L, XL

50% off RM57.50

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