31 March 2009

Colours of Nana G.

At nana g. we like to embrace individual style. We're always on the look out for that fabulous fabric and that fabulous colour combination to give that added edge to our designs. So make sure you're 'n sync with it, singing 'bye bye bye' to outdated trends.

FIZZIE POP, first on the list, and one to strike anyone's attention. A nana g. in-house design boasting a four dashing colour mix to kick start the season. Ain't no other place has a tank like we do.

100253 FIZZIE POP RM79.90

Brown S, M, L, XL

Yellow S SOLD, M SOLD, L, XL

Black S SOLD, M, L, XL

Babydoll SOPHIE is another in-house design from the nana g. S/S 09 range. It's sheer cotton at the shoulders and sleeves, and wonderful jersey fabric to make up the rest. The ribbon details on the cuffs just add to the sweetness of the dress and the elasticised hem allows you to wear it as a top too.

100254 SOPHIE RM104

Yellow - S SOLD, M, L, XL SOLD

Pink - S, M SOLD, L, XL

Green - S SOLD, M, L SOLD, XL

Black - S, M, L, XL SOLD

The SJ top, designed by nana g., defines sophitication and class. It's made from luxurious satin that's pleasing to the eye, and velvet to the touch, and a unique colour combination that will continue to tickle your senses. The high neck gathered collar can be worn multiple ways, so you'll be in control with how much you give away.

110370 SJ RM119

Teal - S, M, L SOLD OUT

Green -S, M SOLD, L SOLD

Silver - S, M & L SOLD OUT

The SMY dress, another nana g. design, is for the woman who has that all important dinner date in the evening, but who also needs to let loose and unwind at the hottest nightclub straight after. It comes in three delicious colours, and of course the classic black. So take your pick from our juicy selection, throw on a shawl for that early dinner affair and let it go once the clock strikes 12.

100252 SMY RM109.90

Yellow - S, M, L SOLD, XL

Green - S, M SOLD, L, XL

Pink -S, M, L, XL

Black - S, M, L, XL

Origami Detail

The Japanese art of paper folding. This traditional art uses the technique of folds and creases to create intricate representations of an object. At nana g. we pay tribute to this art by bringing forward two designs, which apply a similar concept with fabric manipulation, and in turn, creating beautiful pieces.

First up is ARTEMIS, a nana g. in-house design, made with quality lightweight cotton and beautiful design. The added touch of intricate origami inspired folds, effortlessly glides ARTEMIS over the fine line that separates the best from the rest.

110369 ARTEMIS RM139

Pink S, M, L

White S, M, L

Black S, M, L SOLD OUT

50% off now RM69.50

The second origami inspired dress is made from semi-transparent textured chiffon. It carries on the same concept of intricate folds down the middle, except the folds stop midway, allowing room for mini peplums to accentuate your curves. A deep v-neck generously exposes the d├ęcolletage, together with careful pleating that envelops the shoulders. It’s the perfect going out dress to draw the onlookers at all the right places.

110329 Chiffon origami dress RM149

Grey - M


30 March 2009

Drapes and Jerseys

Every woman loves feeling good about themselves no matter where they're headed. And thankfully there is no better way to boost your self-confidence than by rummaging through your jam-packed wardrobe and finding that fashion forward dress. It needs to be elegant yet breathable. Like drapes, like jerseys.

This one shoulder jersey dress, with Greek inspired draping, will really make you feel like a goddess. The beautiful soft fabric clings to all the right places, you'll never need to worry about pieces sliding out of place. Say 'no' to embarassing situations.

110295 one shoulder jersey dress RM89.90 (purple, black - Free Size) SOLD OUT

This assymetrical jersey top has a tricky pleat neckline, which cleverly drapes towards the back. The uneven hem and relaxed fit goes well with the Greek theme. It can be worn casually with full length leggings, or be daring, wear it on its own and pair it with shimmering heels to bring this look to a whole new level.

110232 pleated drape top RM72

grey white black - SOLD OUT

Bubble or Straight

Isn't it wonderful how many variations of skirts have been developed throughout the years? From hobble skirts, to rah-rah, pencil to mini's, the styles are just endless. And the product of each improved creation?... Well worth the wait.

First up is a lengthier version of the infamous puffball, a.k.a. bubble, skirt. It can be worn high waist or low waist, knee length or mid-thigh, because of its handy elastic insert. On top of that, black and white stripes are just so classic, there will always be an occasion for wearing it.

110300 metallic vest RM41

Gold, Silver, Black SOLD OUT

NOW - RM20.50

110356 stripe skirt RM114 (one colour only - Free Size) SOLD OUT

The FIQ skirt, shown below, is a nana g. in-house design interpretation of the pencil skirt. It's high waisted to add that bit of pizzazz to your look and there's a clever strip of satin detail that runs down the left side of the skirt, which ultimately reveals the unexpected slit.

110300 metallic vest RM41

Gold - Free size

Silver - Free size

Black - Free size

NOW - RM20.50

110125 bird necklace RM 71

Silver SOLD


NOW - RM49.70

110248 Sequin scarf RM39.90 (black, light yellow, light pink) SOLD OUT

100259 FIQ high waist skirt RM115

Black - S SOLD, M SOLD, L, XL

White - S, M, L, XL

Cream - S, M, L, XL

50% off RM57.50

Cotton Dresses

Light as air and easy-care, we've made a unanimous decision at nana g. that cotton dresses should be a staple item in your wardrobe right now. We've got a new selection that's just arrived, in a variety of fabrications, sizes and a great mish-mash of colours too.

110381 cotton voile dress RM139

Grey - , S, M, L

110353 cotton silk dress RM155 (cream, black - M, L) SOLD

60% Discount - NOW RM62

110176 cotton pleated dress RM119.90


Brown SOLD

Dark blue SOLD

Dark orange SOLD

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