31 December 2010

Nana G. on Fashion Valet

You can also find Nana G. items on Fashion Valet.net. It is Malaysia's online shopping website selling clothes and accessories from mostly Malaysia designers and other Asian countries. Thank you FV and FV customers for supporting Nana G.

22 December 2010

A little bit of texture goes a long way

Get some beautiful texture whether it's on your shoulders, neckline or body. Check out 3 of our chic textured tops140041 Yohj knit top with shoulder applique RM109

17 December 2010


It's our Biggest Year End Sale where discounts are only from 40% to 80% off! Shop online http://www.nanagonline.com/ or visit our boutique at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

08 December 2010

FREE Delivery on All Malaysia orders. Ends Feb 2011

The holidays are around the corner. Everyone is looking for a new dress for that special celebration. Ok who are we kidding, maybe not just one but 2 or 3 new outfits, new outfits for traveling, new outfits for that beach holiday, accessories to go with those new outfits and of course gifts for loved ones. So that's a lot of browsing, rummaging and scouring to do.

........But we have been feeling festive, so save yourself some time and all that hard work because we are giving FREE delivery on all Malaysia orders!! This delightful gift ends February 2011.
And for our lovely customers all around the world, please check out our low and fixed delivery charges under shipping and returns.

So go on and shop now.... www.nanagonline.com

nana g.

07 December 2010

Purrr-fect Prints

There's just something about animal prints that undoubtedly will emerge every season. It has become more of a classic rather than a trend. It is exotic and whether it is the star of the show or just a supporting role, when put together right it's just ever so a la mode.

Here we have some of our new purr-fect prints in store and on www.nanagonline.com ready for you to get your claws on. Whether your style is feminine, chic or classic, there's something for everyone.

Tobs zebra print maxi dress with detachable strap RM 169.90

140052 Chic harem pants with leopard print belt RM119.90



Dark Brown

Leopard print tunic RM99


Till the next post peeps... nana g.

03 December 2010

Some Favourite New Arrivals

We have been filling up our website and the boutique with loads of new arrivals. They have been selling out fast and of course we could not be happier.
These are some of the new items that are sure to excite. One of my personal favourite is this stripe mix cotton polyester jersey dress that comes with a fabric belt. It comes in 3 colours - the classic black, the romantic purple and the (what I would like to say here nor there) greyish khaki green. Absolutely comfy, sophisticated and feels good to the skin.
For a kinda relaxed stylish look, go for this zipper drawstring detail dress. Just looking at the dress can make one already relaxed. Made of 100% cotton. Cooling, cooling, cooling!
Ok ..all together now...GORGEOUS! A knit maxi jersey with fully beaded neckline. I love the simplicity of this garment yet it stands out so beautifully.
You can get all this from www.nanagonline.com or from our store at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Till the next post peeps.... nana g. xx

23 November 2010

Lucky 30

Be the first 30 to sign up/ create an account on www.nanagonline.com and you will receive a 15% off voucher.


14 November 2010


Hi All,

Our Nana G. @ Telawi boutique is no longer in operation. Please visit us at Nana G. Bangsar Shopping Centre (New Wing First Floor).

Also, we are so excited for our brand new shopping website where you can browse and shop in your own space and time . Visit us now at www.nanagonline.com

27 June 2010

Nana G. Cruise

nana g. cruise collection

140003 Pink silk plain dyed top with sequin RM160

Colour - Pink

Size - S, M & L

20% DISCOUNT - NOW is RM128

140004 Brown kaftan top with embroidery and beadwork RM165
Colour - Brown

Size - Free


140002 Hand dyed sequin kaftan Rm180
Colour - Tie dye

Size - S, M & L


140001 Peach neck and waist sequin kaftan RM129

Colour - Peach

Size - S, M & L

20% DISCOUNT - NOW RM103.20

140005 Black top with neck sequin RM149
20% DISCOUNT - NOW RM119.20

08 April 2010


130012 Small black hoop earrings

Black -RM55


130032 Fine wire round earrings

Green -RM 55


120266 Filigree flower with chain earring

Black - RM 74.90

130014 Hoop with mesh detail

Gold - RM 59.90


07 April 2010

Bracelet & Bangle

120056 Mix pattern bangle

Colour - Mix


120268 Three row metal studded

Colour - Gold & Silver


120269 Animal print metal trim bangle

Colour - Black & Brown

RM 69.90

120270 Metal flower fabric bangle

Colour - Blue, Pink & Black
RM 89

130010 Red chain bracelet

Red - RM 89.90


130011 Gold chain bracelet

Gold - RM109.90


120207 Chain bracelet
Silver - RM 99

NOW 40% OFF RM59.40

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