22 January 2009

Hues of pink

February has arrived and soon you'll be seeing lots of pink and red popping out everywhere cause Valentine is just around the corner. So to keep with the spirit of the month we've picked out 3 outfits with different hues of gorgeous pink..

First up..surprise surprise..is none other than the famous Little Black Dress in all its LBD glory but with a pop of pink and a few large, but delicate, adornments along the folded ribbon. You'll be sure to look nothing less than polished, and do nothing less than dazzle that special someone.

Look 47

110185 Satin dress with waist ribbon RM135

Pink - S, M SOLD

Blue - S, M

White - S & M SOLD

60% off RM54

A geometric print bubble top is a must have for this month. You cannot go wrong with this candy pink satin chiffon top with folds around the neck that gives a kaleidoscope illusion to the print. Pair it with our absolutely comfortable skinnies and killer heels for that slimming effect. Just 3 words for you.. chic, chic, chic!!

Look 46

1. Geometric sleeveless chiffon satin bubble top RM72 (Free Size) SOLD
Stretchable cotton skinnies RM83 (light grey, dark grey , black - S,M,L) SOLD
3. 3 circle pink diamante ring RM118 (circumference of 5.5cm) SOLD

The colour of this fuchsia pink is hard to resist. It practically screams hot and confident! This sassy and simple satin shift dress has pretty pleated shoulders. So treat yourself to this stunning little number cause this month it's all about feeling gorgeous in the name of love..

Look 45
1. Fuchsia pleated sleeve dress RM118 (Sizes S, M) SOLD

21 January 2009

Zip It Up..

Zippers have been a hit on everything we can think of. You see them twisted like a flower on shoes, shaped into a bracelet, exposed on every kind of garment from dresses to skirts to leggings. So it comes as no surprise when we put up a look featuring .. 'the zipper'.

This long top/dress has an exposed zipper at the mid front with beautiful folds of jersey at the bottom. The zipper gives a casual cool flair to the outfit. More reasons why we love it...loosen up the drawstrings and it becomes a short dress... tighten it up and you have yourself a ruched top.

Look 44

1. 110186 DN jersey zipper top RM108

Purple - S & M SOLD

Green - S & M SOLD

Black - S & M SOLD

60% Off RM43.20

2. Gold and black zebra stripe bangle RM43.90

50% Off RM21.95

3. Curved metallic ring RM94.90 (circumference of 5.5cm and 6cm) SOLD OUT

Continuing our love for zippers, it adds elements of tough chick to an otherwise simple girlie look for this casual dress. Comfy and stylish it is perfect to looking fabulous for hot sunny days or effortlessly cool for night.

Look 43

1. Cotton dress with front brass zipper and side pockets

RM91 (brown, black - Free Size) SOLD OUT

Flounce in it

There are days we just can't help but want to feel all girly and we've picked two dresses that will do just that.

Our maroon bubble chiffon satin dress comes also in deep green and with beautiful detailing of the pleats at the bust. And as all of us love having options... you can go without the strap too ... and tadaa.. it's also a tube dress. The folds combined with the soft material, will make the dress sway beautifully.

Look 42

1. Bubble chiffon dress with bust pleats RM114 (magenta and dark green - all S, M) SOLD OUT

It does not have to be pretty in pink or go floral when it comes to feeling girly. Still true to our girly mood, this black baby doll satin dress with a white neckline has a slightly edgier feel to it. The front has a single big fold which adds a quirky touch to it and the shoulders are ruched making it just so pretty. Add that black bow hairband to complete the ensemble and you are ready to flounce in it!!

Look 41

1. Baby doll satin dress with ruched sleeves RM93

Black, Grey -SOLD OUT

2. Black hair band with bow RM23 (black, gold, metallic pink) SOLD OUT

Champagne please!

Let's start this new year with champagne ..and no we're not talking about the bubbly. We are talking about that gorgeous soft colour. The colour that perhaps many of us are lacking in our wardrobe... and boy-oh-boy do we have the perfect champagne cocktail dress for you. This beautiful pleated tier dress exudes modern elegance. It's satin black sash defines the waist and the low neckline makes you look leaner. You don't need to think of an occasion to get it cause with it's classy look..you'll be glad you have it in your wardrobe when that special occasion comes.

Look 40

1. Satin pleat dress with waist tie RM112

Champagne - Free Size

Black - SOLD

NOW 40% OFF RM67.20

2. Round chain bracelet RM49.90 gold SOLD

Now, let us take you back to the roaring 1920s.. a time when women wanted freedom of expression and style. A time when constriction no longer exists ...and by that we mean goodbye corsets and hello straight silhouettes. Aaahh...bliss. Don't we all just love shapeless shift dresses. So for our flapper inspired dress, it's translated into a full pleated champagne satin dress with jersey at the waist and above the bust ...and not forgetting that handy adjustable strap (something we are guessing the 1920s dresses did not have). Not only is this dress flattering for all figures but absolutely chic.

Look 39

1. 110244 Flapper dress RM93

Champagne - Free size

Dark green SOLD

60% Discount - Now RM37.20


Yes, that's right ladies.. sale items straight from our wonderful sale rack. We've selected 3 looks here.. and there's more where that came from.

We adore this stripe tunic with mushroom buttons for the back opening. Easy wear for any day. And it also comes in blue. The quirky star mesh bracelet as seen on the model has a magnet clasp and the strap is adjustable. Perfect for all sizes..

Look 38

1. Striped sleeveless top RM94.90 (red pinstripe, blue pinstripe - Sizes S, M) SOLD OUT

2. Crystals star mesh bracelet RM78.90 SOLD OUT

If you love jerseys.. you would love our next look. The material is of satin jersey. It is soooo smooth you just want to snuggle with it. It is lined with a lighter jersey and the overall material gives a nice weight that drapes well on one's body whether curvy or slim. So shake, jump or just dance your night away in this fabulous piece.

Look 37

1. DN satin jersey dress RM129

White SOLD

Black - S & M SOLD

Green - M

60% OFF NOW RM51.60

When we hear Thai silk, it is usually associated with wedding dresses or gowns for formal events but not for this dress which gave Thai silk a fresh change. It has a simple paintbrush design and a deep v-neck. It's stunning on it's own or you could accessorize it with a long bead and chain necklace shown in the pic.

Look 36

1. Thai silk deep v-neck dress RM124.90 (black, white- S, M) SOLD OUT

2. Layered bead necklace RM45.90

White, Dark grey, Black

NOW 70% OFF RM13.80

20 January 2009

Comfy Maxi Dresses for Day and Night

We've got 3 great jersey maxi dresses here for you.

The first is a flirty maxi which comes in rich purple or light grey. Just pair it with your favourite flats and sunnies for that perfect day look, or step into your killer heels for that elegant night look.

Look 30

1. Flirty maxi dress with ruffles RM119.90 (adjustable strap)

Purple SOLD


40% Off RM71.95 SOLD OUT

The second is a printed jersey that looks great with a waist belt that will give you that instant figure or without for a casual and relaxed look.

Look 31
1. Paisley motif maxi dress RM115 (colour shown only - Free Size) SOLD


2. Wide belt with chain link front RM58.90

colour shown only - Free Size SOLD

And lastly, an ethereal maxi jersey, absolutely gorgeous for night. It's single colour combined with beading and pleats will not only make one look sophisticated but feel sophisticated too.

Look 32

1. Jersey maxi dress with ruch and beading (adjustable strap) RM199

Grey, Black - Size S SOLD OUT

Bow and Capri

We've been posting a lot of dresses lately and thought this next look would be a nice change. The top is our very own design which comes in green and yellow chiffon polka dot and plain red, pink and black in satin. We love tops like these because they are just oh-so-versatile. Wear it with a pencil skirt and a cute fitted jacket for work or...with skinnies for that slim effortless look or.. tuck it in with shorts for smart yet casual or capris just like we've done here... and the list goes on and on. The capri pants shown here is of very soft denim material with large side pockets and slightly narrower at the bottom...we like to call it capri/harem pants :)

Look 33

1. 100016 WIDA chiffon polka dot summer top RM76

Light green - S sold out, M & L

Yellow - S SOLD, M & L

Red - S, M & L

Pink - S, M & L

Black in plain satin - S, M & L

NOW 60% OFF RM30.40

2. Transparent pinstripe belt RM32.90 (bronze, gold, pink - Free Size) SOLD OUT

3. Large pocket capris RM79 (grey - Sizes S, M, L) SOLD OUT

Polka Dots

Both these dresses are all about being playful and feminine. This satin polka dot with asymmetrical ruffled hem is great for lunch with the girls, a friend's baby shower, a Sunday barbecue, a garden or a beach wedding.... or even to just twirl around in your living room ;)

Look 34

1. Asymmetrical satin polka dot dress with pleated waist RM98

Pastel pink- (SOLD)

Pastel yellow - (SOLD)

White - (SOLD)

The second look is a gathered (almost bubble like) loose dress with textured polka dots. It has a big button on each side of the gathers that gives a quirky touch to this delicate look. And we just love the vibrant colour of the chiffon.. it'll brighten up even the dullest day.

Look 35

2. 110201 Gathered loose dress with textured polka dots and side buttons RM117
Pinkish orange -Free Size
60% Off RM46.80
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