21 January 2009

Zip It Up..

Zippers have been a hit on everything we can think of. You see them twisted like a flower on shoes, shaped into a bracelet, exposed on every kind of garment from dresses to skirts to leggings. So it comes as no surprise when we put up a look featuring .. 'the zipper'.

This long top/dress has an exposed zipper at the mid front with beautiful folds of jersey at the bottom. The zipper gives a casual cool flair to the outfit. More reasons why we love it...loosen up the drawstrings and it becomes a short dress... tighten it up and you have yourself a ruched top.

Look 44

1. 110186 DN jersey zipper top RM108

Purple - S & M SOLD

Green - S & M SOLD

Black - S & M SOLD

60% Off RM43.20

2. Gold and black zebra stripe bangle RM43.90

50% Off RM21.95

3. Curved metallic ring RM94.90 (circumference of 5.5cm and 6cm) SOLD OUT

Continuing our love for zippers, it adds elements of tough chick to an otherwise simple girlie look for this casual dress. Comfy and stylish it is perfect to looking fabulous for hot sunny days or effortlessly cool for night.

Look 43

1. Cotton dress with front brass zipper and side pockets

RM91 (brown, black - Free Size) SOLD OUT

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