18 January 2009

Belated post on nana g. Tea Party

We had our first nana g. tea party in London on the 23rd Oct 2008.. (I know better late posting them than never...:) ). It was a small and impromptu do. The hallway was turned into a nana g. boutique... and all sorts of yummy food were served (thank you Ibu and Sha for preparing the food). The girls were having fun playing dress up and loads and loads of photos were taken that night courtesy of big bro Joe. The night went on with more rounds of shepherds pie, tiramisu and tea. We also had some fashion advices from nana g.'s in-house guys POV- lil bros Stone and Fiz :) Thank you girls (Azie, Farah, Farahana, Amal, Rayani, Rinee, Emma) for coming and making it such a fun tea party. It was a blast!!

Azie's first grab
Reserved.. :)
The girls with their purchases..


  1. sri amanian are just everywhere...hihi

  2. aww na youre very welcome, we had so much fun! :) bila datang lagi? xoxo


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