31 March 2009

Origami Detail

The Japanese art of paper folding. This traditional art uses the technique of folds and creases to create intricate representations of an object. At nana g. we pay tribute to this art by bringing forward two designs, which apply a similar concept with fabric manipulation, and in turn, creating beautiful pieces.

First up is ARTEMIS, a nana g. in-house design, made with quality lightweight cotton and beautiful design. The added touch of intricate origami inspired folds, effortlessly glides ARTEMIS over the fine line that separates the best from the rest.

110369 ARTEMIS RM139

Pink S, M, L

White S, M, L

Black S, M, L SOLD OUT

50% off now RM69.50

The second origami inspired dress is made from semi-transparent textured chiffon. It carries on the same concept of intricate folds down the middle, except the folds stop midway, allowing room for mini peplums to accentuate your curves. A deep v-neck generously exposes the d├ęcolletage, together with careful pleating that envelops the shoulders. It’s the perfect going out dress to draw the onlookers at all the right places.

110329 Chiffon origami dress RM149

Grey - M


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