22 March 2011

A Testimonial

"i just received the package you send over. everything was intact nicely and looks exactly the same as advertised in your website. quality made is very good and i like that. when i try it on, it looks very nice and comfortable on me. i hope to shop more for all your latest fashion offerings in the future especially satin, my personal favorite materials ever for any type of hand made clothes.

how did i start to know your online boutique was in an unusual way. i originally searched for satin skirt pictures in google just to look only at this beautiful creations wore by pretty models and kill time. then i notice your website page was third in the google result list surprisingly. when i click in, it brings me to the page of the satin skirt and it just looks very beautiful to me. without hesitating, i decided to try and buy that skirt and the other 2 nice clothes you are selling in your boutique. your response to customer via email is fast and accurate. i like it because from the way you reply to customer, i can see you must be very nice seller here. so keep it up. :)

then when i thought every thing will be smooth sailing after i confirm the 3 orders, i received your email on sudden stock finish on 2 items which was not stated in your website due to some system problems. i was in shock and almost disappointingly plan to cancel my last 2 orders. luckily you manage to find the replacement stock and even willing to discount me the 2 items for that unfortunate circumstances. i am very happily honoured to accept this kind of customer offers. what a chaotic 2 days of shopping experience it has been for myself i have to say. despite that, i will still recommend "nana g. boutique" to all my friends looking for all the nice affordable fashion clothes.

the only area i wish you can strive to continuously improved on is the accurate tracking on every items sold. i would prefer if you do manual checking at least every month. no need to do it everyday unless you find it less hassle. then double check with the system later so that you can track back the missing sales in case of any system error. or if you want the system to stay error free all the time, you can try conduct more frequent system maintenance. i would not like all your future customers to face the same problems like me. that is the only major concern i had. other than that, i think i am already very satisfied with your services. best of luck ya. :)

best regards from your new customer
xD~sze wei~xD"

Thank you Sze Wei for your testimonial. We really appreciate the time taken for you to write it. We are absolutely delighted that you are happy with our products and service. Our apologies again with the minor setback due to some technical error which was out of our control at that time. Your suggestions and feedback is much appreciated as it will only make us serve our customers better.

Thank you once again for shopping at nanagonline.com and we hope to hear from you soon. :D

Nana G. Team

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