04 January 2011

Spotted at Nana G.

Vivy has always been a wonderful customer of Nana G. She has been a little busy lately as she just started a new business. And although she could now easily buy Nana G. items from the comfort of her own office, Vivy aka Proudduck aka co-owner of Fashion Valet still finds time to shop at Nana G. And she sure did some major shopping

Vivy with Nana G.
Nana G.'s outfit: Hannah draped neckline blouse and Chic harem pants by Nana G.

Thank you Vivy for shopping at Nana G. It was really good seeing you that day.

nana g.


  1. ME busy?!! I can barely talk to you without you not holding your phone!

    Anyway, you KNOW I'm a fan. Am so happy to see you and Nana G's success! Hope 2011 will be even more amazing for you, InsyaAllah. :))))

  2. Hahaha... ok fine.. maybe me too but you know you are busy when you can't remember the conversation that we had..

    Thanks V for being one of our biggest fan :) Insya Allah 2011 will be awesome for the both of us...


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