22 August 2009

ZINC & ZAYAN ACCESSORIES now available @ nana g.

nana g. is proud to present ZINC & ZAYAN contemporary handmade accessories at nana g. boutique

Jewel to differ
‘I like that, but don’t quite like that other part’ and ‘someone will definitely have the same pair’ were the basis of starting Zayan. We aim to design each of our pieces to reflect individuality, and at the same time, practicality. These handmade pieces are created with materials obtained from only independent sources, encouraging originality, but more importantly, the practice of sustainability. We are starting our first collection by highlighting the impact of mixing colours, and how it can reflect on our everyday lives, heritage and nature as well as incorporating current popular culture. Materials such as processed semi precious stones that include Onyx, Turquoise, Smokey Quartz, Agate, Citrine and Fluoride are handpicked and personally selected. Our stones are then styled and cut with a combination of different types of metals and materials.' -ZINC & ZAYAN
Please check out their blog at http://www.zinc-zayan.blogspot.com/

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