19 May 2009

Spring / Summer 2009 - A Closer Look

Most of the pictures for the nana g. Spring Summer ’09 collection are finally here. Phew... now you can finally take a closer look into our newest collection, from the detailing, choice of colours, prices and all the necessary titbits you’ve all been waiting for.
First up on the runway, was the unmistakeable nana g. colour infused DIANA dress. It’s made with 100% luxury silk satin and sheer chiffon flowing sleeves. You’ve seen the first, now let’s reveal the other DIANA’s.

110397 DIANA mandarin collar dress RM175

Purple - S, M, L

Black - S, M, L

Silver -S, M, L

NAP dress came next and is also made with 100% luxury silk satin. It has that ultra feminine short butterfly sleeve detail and a skirt length designed only for women (like us) with fabulous pins.

110372 NAP flare dress with butterfly sleeves RM195

Dark green - S SOLD, M, L SOLD

Purple - S, M, L SOLD

Pink S, M SOLD, L

Black - S, M, L SOLD

The next pair has top marks in the three C’s of fashion - chic, contemporary and classy. Don’t be fooled by the ZA sleek blouse at first glance and its counterpart, SABRINA, with its avant garde extended side panel pockets

110367 ZA sleek satin top with ladder back RM104

Dark blue - S, M , L & XL SOLD OUT

Blue - S, M, L, XL SOLD OUT

Gold - S SOLD, M SOLD, L, XL

Black - S SOLD, M, L, XL

NOW 20% OFF RM83.20

110388 SABRINA skirt with side pocket RM106

Dark grey - S, M, L & XL SOLD


Blue - S, (M, L, XL - SOLD)

Dark brown - S, M, L, XL

NOW 20% OFF RM84.8

The LILI babydoll “flapping” dress is ultra modern, ultra stylish and discreetly sparkly at the hem due to its complementary hand stitched sequin detail. It has adjustable flat straps for the perfect fit for women of every size.

110371 LILI flap satin dress with sequins RM149

Yellow – S, M, L

Pink – S, M, L

Green – S, M, L SOLD

Who isn’t a big fan of jersey? We all are, and that’s simply because it’s comfortable, it drapes flawlessly and looks even better when you layer it. Add a touch of rich satin to the mix and you’ll get ALISYA, the three tiered jersey and satin dress.

110390 ALISYA 3 tiered jersey dress RM169

White, Pink & Black - SOLD OUT

The YASMIN one shoulder glam top is fashion forward at its best. Most people like it, but only some dare to bare it. Paired here with high waisted sateen pants, with compact little front and back pockets, fall in love with NATALIA for all season chic.

110368 YASMIN one shoulder ruched top RM102

Green - S SOLD, M, L SOLD

Gold - S SOLD, M, L SOLD

Dark grey - S, M, L SOLD OUT

40% Discount - Now RM 61.20

110386 NATALIA high waisted pants RM159.90

Dark brown - S, M, L, XL

Black - S SOLD, M SOLD, L, XL

NOW 30% OFF RM111.95

Further down the line came the NADIA dress. With its dramatic pleated straps, princess line detail and crafty pocket inserts, there’s no need for accessories, unless of course you absolutely can’t resist.

110399 NADIA pleated strap dress RM197

Grey - S, M, L SOLD, XL
Black - S, M, L

Jumpsuits are the way to go and have been for several seasons now, and all for the fact that you really can’t go wrong with them. The MIMIREESHA embraces this continuing trend, with exposed gold zip front, exaggerated pleating and a one of a kind limited extravagant hooded cropped jacket you won’t find anywhere else.

110400 MIMIREESHA art-to-wear set RM210

Purple - S

Grey - S

60% Discaunt - Now RM 84

110401 MIMIREESHA art-to-wear satin jumpsuit RM197

Black - S, M, L

Purple - S, M, L

60% Discaunt - Now RM78.80

The AMIRA dress followed with an air of black tie glamour. It comes with a hugging bodice, sexy halter and a generous flowing hemline. In two, get noticed colour combinations; it strictly comes down to which colour best represents you.

110373 AMIRA silk maxi dress RM289

Black - S, M SOLD, L SOLD

Grey – S, M, L

NOW - RM 86.70

If meticulous on point, detailed tailoring is your fantasy, then SAIRA must me the one for you. From the fan pleated sleeves, to the princess style lines, to the tux inspired back tail, these combinations fit so well together for that untouchable tailoring ingenuity.

110395 SAIRA pleated cap sleeve dress RM189

Black - S, M, L SOLD OUT

Dark blue - S SOLD, M SOLD, L

Silver - S SOLD, M, L SOLD

40% Discount - Now RM 113.40

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