18 February 2009

Shifting Eras

There are many significant contributions from the 60s and in the fashion world shift dresses is one of them. Simple and classy with clean lines, these waist less dress are also sometimes our perfect solution to those guilty pleasure moments or when comfort is an absolute priority while still looking gorgeous. And today, they come in a variety of updated styles and embellishment.

Our first shift dress is a combination of soft and structural. It is made of a unique firm satin and has a soft chiffon like ruffle that starts from one shoulder and ends at the mid bottom of the dress. So let's pay homage to the fabulous fashion era by donning in this sexy sophisticated piece.

Look 49

1. 110188 Shift dress with single frill RM127

Dark green - S SOLD, M

Pink - S, M SOLD

Black - S SOLD, M

60% off RM50.80

2. Grey and silver link bracelet RM61 SOLD

This satin dress is a slightly softer version of the usual shift dresses. It has layers of lapels at the neckline with alternating colours keeping it simple and elegant. Shift dresses like this one are too versatile to be left out of your closet as they go from day to night, from office to cocktails.

Look 48
1. Satin shift dress with layered neckline RM79.90

(dark blue, green, black - Free Size) SOLD OUT

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